Support and Continuous Development

Continuous use of Salesforce requires system adjustment and modification. Just leave it to us!

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Support and Continuous Development

Continuous use of Salesforce requires system adjustment and modification. Just leave it to us!

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Continuous development and Salesforce support services

Do you want to ensure that Salesforce continues to provide you with significant added value? If so, the system should be taken good care of and developed as your business operations develop. Salesforce is a technology platform designed to be scaled and modified as needed.

However, few organizations have such a deep expertise of Salesforce that they can develop the system on their own or solve problems without outside help. 

Support and continuous development services ensure that your Salesforce environment operates smoothly in the background on a daily basis. Our continuous services can provide help in different situations quickly, as well as continuous support for developing your system.

Our services

We offer three package levels.

  • Light.You only pay a start-up fee, after which you’re charged for assignments on an hourly basis. Suitable for everyone.
  • Flexible. For a monthly fee, we provide monthly reports, validation of Salesforce Release updates three times a year, and phone and email support Monday through Friday from 9 am to 4 pm. Suitable for companies that are looking to continuously improve their Salesforce environment.
  • Comprehensive. In addition to all of the above, for a higher monthly fee we provide 40 hours of development work per month. Suitable for companies that use Salesforce in various ways and have identified several areas for development in their Salesforce environment.

Do you want more information?

Do you want more information about how to succesfully implement a Salesforce solution or develop it even further? Or do you want to understand how to utilize your CRM to reach your business goals?

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How can we help?

Technical support. Problems can always arise when least expected. Our local services unit can offer quick help in all sorts of problems.

Small development. Salesforce is constantly evolving as a platform. We will help you implement useful new functionalities and ensure that your system works properly even after major upgrades. Developing a system does not always require a big project. We support you in continuously refining your system, for example in creating new reports or metrics.

Frequently asked questions

In what situation should I consider subscribing to your support and continuous development services?

Very few of our customers have extensive Salesforce expertise of their own. For this reason, support and development services are a cost-effective way to ensure that Salesforce develops with the company’s business operations and that problems are remedied quickly.

Can I order continuous services even if I am not a Biit customer?

Yes, you can. Our continuous services are for all organizations that use Salesforce. We serve many companies that have had several Salesforce partners along the way.

With continuous services, new people come along. Does it cause problems?

No. As part of our continuous services, we ensure that all important customer information is passed on from those involved in previous projects to the continuous services team.

Do I have to be prepared for long queuing times or for doing business in a foreign language?

When problems arise, you can reach us quickly either by phone or email. We also provide continuous services locally in Finland, so doing business with us is very easy.

I would like to order a comprehensive package, but I’m not sure I need 40 hours of development work every month. What should I do?

We always try to find a solution that works for each customer. We discuss with the customer to find the option that would be best for them. If there is no need for such extensive development work, we recommend a smaller package. We can then agree on the number of hours required per month.

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