Salesforce implementations

Get the full benefits of Salesforce products. We can help you implement Salesforce products and solutions quickly and in an agile way.

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Salesforce implementations

Get the full benefits of Salesforce products. We can help you implement Salesforce products and solutions quickly and in an agile way.

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Salesforce implementations

Nowadays, starting with new services is often super easy. Subscribe to a service and start using it. That’s it. However, using Salesforce, like any other CRM system, requires much more than the ability to press buttons and to use basic features of the system with ease.

Successful implementation requires building the system to meet the individual needs of the organization. We recommend forgetting one-size-fits-all approaches.

Over the years, we have implemented Salesforce hundreds of times for customers of different types and sizes, so we have a clear idea of what to consider when adopting the system.

We recommend starting fast with business goals in mind and with an agile approach. It’s generally not a good idea to try to fix everything at once. The goal nonetheless should be ambitious enough, such as increasing sales.

With our help, you will quickly have a system that supports your needs and helps you meet your targets.

At the same time, we’ll help you raise the bar high enough, as Salesforce is much more than a customer record tool to replace Excel spreadsheets. It is the most versatile technology platform on the market for companies seeking to take their business to the next level.

Salesforce in a nutshell

Salesforce is a cloud-based solution that can handle a lot more than just basic CRM functions.

  • It is by far the most popular CRM system on the market, used by 99 percent of Fortune 100 companies, for example.
  • It is a fully scalable platform that meets the needs of small, medium and large businesses – and budgets of all sizes.
  • In short, it is a whole lot more than a CRM system. Salesforce is a platform for basically everything, including sales, marketing, customer service or field service.

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Do you want more information about how to succesfully implement a Salesforce solution or develop it even further? Or do you want to understand how to utilize your CRM to reach your business goals?

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The phases of implementing Salesforce

We recommend an agile implementation of Salesforce, where instead of one lengthy project the system is implemented in fast development cycles. The most important factors in agile work are fast iterations and close collaboration with the customer. The implementation project involves several steps that are repeated many times in an agile operating model. Here is a summary of how an implementation project progresses.

  • Preparation. The preparation phase involves a review with the customer of the goals of deployment and the customer’s current processes and operating models. The implementation is then carried out on this basis. The aim of this preparatory phase is to clarify the steps through which the deployment will be successfully completed. We will set up a Salesforce environment for you that will be customized just the way you want it. Because most Salesforce deployments are carried out for sales purposes, we will enter all of your organization’s sales processes in the system as part of the deployment.
  • Testing. At this point, we step away from the keyboard to allow you to test for yourselves how the entire system works. We will work with you to ensure that your system functions as intended and meets the goals set for it during the preparation phase.
  • Deployment. We are with you every step of the way. We will help you ensure that the utilization rate of your new system increases immediately, and continues to do so after the initial enthusiasm passes. We also offer ideas for expanding the use of the system as well as the opportunity for small-scale system development and ongoing support.

Frequently asked questions

Is Salesforce suitable for smaller companies too?

Salesforce is a fully scalable platform suitable for companies of all sizes. Salesforce is a license-based product, the cost of which is determined by the number of users and usage needs. We serve companies of all sizes, from micro-enterprises and small companies to large organizations operating internationally.

Does deployment of the system require a lot of cumbersome customization? And what happens to customizations when Salesforces is being updated?

Most needs, such as creating new fields, editing data models, or changing the layout can be accomplished with simple point-and-click configurations. The same applies to the creation of automatic workflows, which is based on no-code tools. It is also possible to carry out code-level customizations on a very large scale, but these are usually only needed for more complex integrations. Upgrades do not affect configurations and customizations carried out with Salesforce’s own tools. This is a major strength of the Salesforce platform in addition to its flexible development capabilities.

How much does deployment cost?

Implementation costs only a few thousand euros at its cheapest when the needs are simple, or in the case of very small companies. However, the cost of Salesforce implementations is typically over 10,000 euros.

How long does an implementation take?

In the case of implementation alone, the system can be up and running in as little as a week. Usually, however, the system becomes operational within one to two months.

Can I deploy Salesforce without outside help?

That depends on how much time you are willing to spend learning the system and all of its functionalities. A knowledgeable partner can help you get started right away.

I am considering replacing our older CRM system. Is changing the system expensive and difficult?

That question can also be turned on its head. You are probably considering changing your system because your current system has not met the goals set for it or it no longer serves your needs. How expensive is it to keep using such a system? And don’t worry, changing your CRM isn’t as expensive or tricky as you think. And it’s not at all rare. We’ve done it numerous times for our customers.

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