Sales solutions

Increasing sales requires succeeding in increasingly demanding situations. There is one obstacle to this, though. Most available tools don’t support everything your company does regarding sales. We will help you solve this problem.

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Sales solutions

Increasing sales requires succeeding in increasingly demanding situations. There is one obstacle to this, though. Most available tools don’t support everything your company does regarding sales. We will help you solve this problem.

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Sales solutions and data-driven sales management

Increasing sales requires handling very different situations well. You need to find new customers in the market, take advantage of sales opportunities, and take good care of existing customers as well. Almost always one obstacle arises: sales tools do not support all of these tasks.

Although transforming a sales opportunity into a winning deal is a different matter than increasing the amount of business with key customers or developing sales through an affiliate network, CRM systems typically describe only one sales process, which is often the sales funnel for new customer acquisition.

That is why we make sure that all the sales processes you need are precisely defined. We also define them in the Salesforce so that the system supports all of your operations and produces high-quality data from all sales processes – whether it’s acquiring new customers or selling to existing customers.

Defining sales processes is often the most important step on the road to Data-Driven sales management.

After the first iteration, we can help you in matters such as making your key account management more systematic, coaching your salespeople individually with the help of Salesforce, or taking advantage of Salesforce’s advanced artificial intelligence capabilities to further improve sales.

Sales Cloud. Salesforce is by far the most popular CRM system on the market. Sales Cloud is a CRM solution that acts as a cloud service, providing salespeople and sales management with the means of doing their jobs better. We help you implement and further develop Sales Cloud, for example, if you want to help your sales personnel develop individually or systematically increase your business with key customers.

The main sales challenges

In our experience, companies often face the following challenges when it comes to sales.

  • Management lacks a clear view of the current situation. Management often has to manage sales by looking at the sales results. The real-time data generated by the CRM system could provide a view of what is actually happening.
  • The system does not support sales operations. Almost without exception, of all the possible sales processes only the process for new business sales has been described in the system. The system can be made to support everything you do by implementing all the sales processes in the system.
  • Achieving sales goals is becoming more difficult year by year. Less than half of salespeople reach their goals. CRM can be used to support the individual development of sales personnel, with identified development targets and continuous tracking of development using data.
  • Increasing business with existing customers is difficult. Often up to 80 percent of turnover comes from 20 percent of customers. The importance of key customers is recognized, but in order to increase the saleswith with existing customers a systematic approach is needed. This key account management model can be implemented in the CRM system to support sales.

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How can we help you to sell more?

Sales management using data. Sales often involves clear goals, and the realization of those goals is closely monitored. Looking at the sales results alone is not enough, however, as they only indicate what has already happened. Data-driven approach to sales is a matter of influencing the future by analyzing the present. In data-driven management, instead of looking in the rearview mirror real-time data is collected on all factors that affect the outcome and activities are planned based on the collected data. Managing sales with data eliminates the knowledge gap between the goals and the results.

The “black box of sales” can be opened. Sales management often lacks a clear view of what is going on between goals and results. This information gap prevents sales management from monitoring the impact of sales actions on the outcome. In sales management, data is ultimately about bridging this gap.

Quick deployment. We help you get Salesforce up and running quickly. Instead of lengthy projects, we encourage an agile start, with the key features of the system being deployed first. Usually this means clarifying and describing the company’s sales processes in the system so that the system can be immediately configured to support day-to-day sales operations.

Sales management tools. With Sales Cloud, sales management can be made transparent and real-time, enabling you to focus firmly on the present and the future instead of looking at the past. We will set up all the key performance indicators, metrics and reports you need in Salesforce in order to support sales management.

Making sales more effective. A CRM system should not be a necessary evil where data is reluctantly entered at certain intervals. A properly built CRM supports the sales personnel at all stages of the sales process, and helps them do the right things at the right time.

Expanding use. Salesforce does a lot more than manage customer data. For example, we can assist you in coaching your sales reps individually, systematically increasing business with your key customers, or managing complex sales projects.

Co-operation between sales and marketing. Sales and marketing involve taking care of the same customers. This being so, it is important that information flows freely between these differentiated functions. We will help you get the co-operation underway in terms of both tools and processes.

Frequently asked questions

We don’t do project sales and we don’t use hit rates to forecast sales. Is Salesforce still the right option for us?

Salesforce supports all types of sales work, so it’s sure to meet your needs as well. We will set up sales plans and sales budgets in Salesforce together with the customer. This often includes account management plans, a sales forecast, and an annual schedule with campaigns.

We have multi-channel sales and we also sell a lot without salespeople. Would Salesforce suit our company?

As we stated before, Salesforce supports all types of sales work, so it’s sure to meet your needs as well. Salesforce supports multi-channel sales and allows you to build and execute an omni-channel sales strategy where you can fully leverage all of your sales channels to drive better results. Salesforce also allows you to better manage your partners or whoever is involved with your company’s sales.

Is Salesforce also suitable for small and medium-sized companies?

Yes. Half of our customers are small and medium-sized. In almost all cases, Salesforce helps replace many other systems, making it an overall cost-effective option for smaller companies as well.

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