Marketing solutions

Marketing is increasingly expected to produce measurable results. The challenge is to prove them.

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Marketing solutions

Marketing is increasingly expected to produce measurable results. The challenge is to prove them.

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Data-driven marketing and marketing automation

Nice campaign, but where are the results? Marketing is expected to produce measurable results. The challenge is to prove them.

The marketing toolbox includes many different tools, including webinars, podcasts, videos, blogs, customer testimonials, and email campaigns. The possibilities for marketing are limitless, but resources unfortunately are not.

Which actions should the limited resources be used for? We will help you answer this question based on data.

Using Salesforce’s marketing solutions, in addition to carrying out effective modern marketing you can also show the return on investment in euros for each action you take. At the same time, you will be able to see the customer’s entire journey from being a new lead to becoming a buying customer. You can also easily approach your customers with the right kind of messages at different stages of the customer journey.

This is data-driven marketing.

Pardot is a marketing automation solution that is suitable for situations where marketing must nurture prospects and produce quality leads for sales. It also measures results effectively.

Marketing Cloud is a comprehensive digital marketing solution that utilizes the paths of buyers and serves customers with individual messages at the right time and through the right channels.

The most typical marketing challenges

Many of our customers encounter similar challenges in marketing. Challenges we help them overcome.

  • Marketing results are difficult to demonstrate. Marketing effectiveness is often measured indirectly by tracking leads or volume for example. With Salesforce, the impact of marketing can be examined throughout the customer journey, from leads to successful sales.
  • The marketing process has become fragmented. So many things are expected from marketing that it is difficult to manage the overall process. Salesforce’s marketing solutions tie together everything you do, and help you manage the overall situation more effectively.
  • Marketing and sales are far apart. Although marketing and sales should work seamlessly together, in reality they are often too far apart. Bringing marketing and sales onto the same platform and using the same customer data will help you get rid of silos and.

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Do you want more information about how to succesfully implement a Salesforce solution or develop it even further? Or do you want to understand how to utilize your CRM to reach your business goals?

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How can we help with marketing?

Data-driven marketing. Data-driven marketing entails much more than just using data in marketing. It involves using data to ensure that marketing measures and results are in line with business goals. In other words, it means using data more deeply, at a strategic level.

Marketing automation. Why spend time over and over again on monotonous routines when you could focus on more important things? Salesforce’s marketing automation solutions, Marketing Cloud and Pardot, can be used to automate repetitive routines such as emailing, lead classification, and lead transition from marketing to sales.

Frequently asked questions

I thought Salesforce is a sales tool – is it also suitable for marketing needs?

Salesforce was initially developed for sales purposes, but has since then expanded into a technology platform that can run basically all of a company’s operations, such as sales, marketing and customer service. Salesforce’s Marketing Cloud is a marketing system for developing customer relationships, building a brand and delivering individualized messages to customers. Pardot is a tool for identifying website visitors and generating and maintaining leads.

We already use Salesforce for sales. Should we expand to using it for marketing as well?

Absolutely! Using Salesforce as a joint platform for sales and marketing brings significant synergy benefits, as it gives sales and marketing access to the same information. The use of a common platform also saves time, as the same data does not have to be recorded on different systems or transferred from one system to another.

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