Field service

Field service is often considered as merely an expense and a necessary evil. What if you could use it to create a significant competitive advantage for your company?

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Field service

Field service is often considered as merely an expense and a necessary evil. What if you could use it to create a significant competitive advantage for your company?

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Field service solutions

Could field service mean anything to the company other than a technical service? In many cases, field service involves actions such as repairing broken equipment within the bounds of warranty conditions.

We look at field service through three levels of maturity.

At the first level, field service is a reactive service that the customer can order for provision on site by a maintenance professional if necessary. The goal of the service is to fix problems as quickly as possible.

At the second level, the customer can be provided with a proactive service, such as annual equipment maintenance or periodic inspection visits. The aim of the service is to extend the service life of equipment.

At the third level, the customer is provided with a proactive service, such as identifying and correcting potential problems even before they occur. At this level, field service makes use of new technologies, such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence, to accurately predict and tackle problems as soon as the first warning signs appear.

In developing field service, it is advisable to strive to reach this third level of service, as it provides significant added value to the customer. Proactive field service can guarantee that the customer’s equipment always works as it should.

This is a promise that many are willing to pay for. field service can therefore be a significant source of income for your company instead of simply being an expense.

The typical challenges of field service

We often help our customers with challenges such as the following.

  • Many unnecessary customer visits and missed opportunities due to lack of information. The aim of field service must be to resolve issues as quickly and as effortlessly as possible. This is an attainable goal when all the necessary information is accessible in the field. This information can be provided to the maintenance professional through Salesforce. It is also possible during visits to identify customer needs and notice additional sales opportunities. At the same time, the sales department can be kept aware of all the maintenance performed for the customer.
  • There are so many moving parts involved in field service that it is difficult to keep track of the overall picture. Managing field service can sometimes be like playing chess – you need to be able to think ahead in moving the pieces. Work management is made significantly easier when efficient tools and automation are available for planning routes, deciding the order of operations and prioritizing tasks.
  • Breakdowns in equipment can be so costly for customers that problems need to be fixed at lightning speed. The same rules apply to field service as to customer service. You are already late when the customer has contacted you because of a breakdown. The goal of proactive and predictive field service is to notice problems even before they become serious. In most cases, devices do not break down out of the blue. It is possible to detect future problems in good time, for example with the aid of IoT sensors.

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Salesforce field service. Field Service is Salesforce’s solution for field service needs. Field Service provides tools for managing work orders, schedules, a mobile workforce, and much more.

Frequently asked questions

I would like to develop our company’s field service, but I don’t know where to start.

Instead of streamlining individual processes, it is important to start with goals. What does your company aim to achieve with field service? Is the goal to improve customer satisfaction or to increase sales? Once the goal has been clarified, it is possible to move on to developing the overall service. The key is to make field service more transparent so that management understands how each individual factor affects the outcome.

Can I use Salesforce Service Cloud even though we don’t have Salesforce enabled?

Implementation of Salesforce is usually driven by sales needs, with Sales Cloud being the first element to be implemented. There is however nothing stopping you from starting with field service needs.

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