Customer service solutions

When a customer contacts your customer service, you may already be one step behind. We can help take your customer service to the next level.

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Customer service solutions

When a customer contacts your customer service, you may already be one step behind. We can help take your customer service to the next level.

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Customer service solutions and Salesforce Service Cloud

Your customers expect fast, high-quality and personal service, at all times regardless of the channel. Whether your customers are consumers or businesses, their expectations are equally high.

Do you want to meet these expectations? Doing so requires developing customer service at three mutually supportive levels.

The first level involves putting your own house in order – that is, ensuring that your customer service staff have modern equipment, that customer service channels are maintained properly, processing of support requests is made more efficient, and that everything can be managed with data.

At the second level, the focus is on your customers. This second level can be called the self-service level, as the idea is to offer customers the means to find solutions to their problems independently, for example by using self-service channels.

At the third level, customers are served proactively even before they have considered contacting the company. At this level, customer service representatives act as experts who, instead of doing bulk work, provide customers with ideas and solutions that add value for them.

If you want to enhance your customer service, provide a first-class customer experience and stop being constantly one step behind, you need the right systems and unobstructed access to customer data.

With our help, you can digitize the entire customer path and progress from processing contact requests towards customer service that is proactive and adds value to customers turning customer service from an expense into a competitive advantage.

Service Cloud. We help you quickly deploy Salesforce Service Cloud, which provides a wide range of means for developing your service operations. Service Cloud enables multi-channel customer service, an all-round customer view for customer service representatives, and faster processing and resolution of customer transactions.

Experience Cloud. With Service Cloud you put your house in order, but the Experience Cloud portal solution helps you put the customer in the driving seat. Experience Cloud enables you to provide new types of customer experiences, add self-service channels, and quickly create a variety of websites, portals, and mobile applications for customers and partners.

The most typical customer service challenges

We solve a variety of challenges with our customers on a regular basis.

  • An unreasonable amount of customer service time is wasted on digging up customer data. When all customer information can be found in one place, you don’t have to ask the same questions or dig data from several different systems time and time again.
  • Customer service is overwhelmed with support requests. The number of support requests can be significantly reduced by directing them to self-service channels and chatbots. In this way, customer service resources are freed up to deal with more demanding situations.
  • Customers contact us through many different channels, which makes it difficult to manage the overall picture. All channels can be integrated into Salesforce, so that contacts can be easily directed to the right people regardless of the channel. This allows you to provide the same quality of service, whether the customer wants to do business by telephone, email or via social media channels or any other means.
  • Providing customer service is expensive, and does not create enough added value for your company. Instead of seeing it as an expense, customer service can be seen as a competitive advantage and an enabler of additional sales. From this perspective, your company can offer first-class customer experiences. At the same time, customer service representatives can help identify sales opportunities while talking with customers.

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Do you want more information about how to succesfully implement a Salesforce solution or develop it even further? Or do you want to understand how to utilize your CRM to reach your business goals?

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How can we help?

Digitalization. Year by year, an increasing amount of business is conducted digitally, including B2B operations. If companies are to survive, it is essential to stay on top of this development.

The customer path. Customers do not contact you with requests without a reason, although without the proper tools and processes it may seem that way. When your customer service department has access to customer data and can already see the customer’s history at the time of contact, they can be served personally and led smoothly along the path without disruptions.

Omnichannel operations. Multichannel operations are a great thing, but from the customer’s perspective it doesn’t yet mean a seamless customer experience or the same quality of service regardless of the channel. With Salesforce, customers can be offered omnichannel service – that is, a seamless and personalized customer experience regardless of the channel. Having an omnichannel system links all the channels into a unified whole, so that the customer can, for example, contact the company by email but then continue the conversation seamlessly by phone or some other means.

A unified customer experience. Customers can be served seamlessly when customer service representatives are able to view customer history without any obstacles, and do not have to dig through information from multiple systems. A Salesforce platform provides an all-round customer view for everyone working with customers, as well as a single system for all customer information.

Modern tools. Salesforce can be used to automate many time-consuming routines, such as retrieving support requests into a customer service queue or managing queues. And some conversations can be directed to chatbots, either partially or fully.

A proactive approach. The number of support requests to customer service can be significantly reduced by reacting to potential problems even before the customer notices them.

Self-service channels. Both customer and customer service time can be saved by using self-service channels such as various support sites and customer portals that can be effortlessly built on the Salesforce platform.

Frequently asked questions

Which channels can be managed with Salesforce?

Salesforce not only supports multichannel but also omnichannel operations – that is, it allows all channels to be linked together. This means the customer can get seamless and consistent service from you regardless of the channel.

We want to improve our customer service, but we don’t know where to start.

As with all other projects, we urge you to start with setting your goals. After this, the tools and processes need to be put in order so that you can ensure that all the customer data is collected in one place and enable customer service representatives to use it for providing customer service.

Is Salesforce too complicated for us? We don’t have a big customer service team.

No. Salesforce is a fully scalable platform designed to grow with your organization.

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