Architectural services

Where are you headed? Examining the architecture will help steer you in the right direction. We will help you find your way.

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Architectural services

Where are you headed? Examining the architecture will help steer you in the right direction. We will help you find your way.

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IT architectural services and Salesforce architecture

Organizations tend to have many IT solutions in place, such as various systems and applications. Taken together, these form the company’s IT architecture.

Although understanding this architecture is especially important when developing a business, it is often overlooked.

Analyzing it helps to ensure that the overall arrangement remains cohesive even when developing existing solutions or introducing completely new systems. From this overarching perspective, it is the architect’s job to ensure that all the choices made are sensible, technically feasible, and cost-effective.

The benefits of IT architecture

  • A strategic approach. The business as a whole is developed, rather than just solving individual problems.
  • Durability. Choices are made that endure and last well into the future.
  • Simplicity. The whole setup is made clearer and simpler.
  • Purposefulness. Every step must lead closer to a common goal.
  • Cost-effectiveness. Investments must be made that are most profitable over the longer term.

The most typical challenges solved with IT architecture

  • It is difficult to control the overall system landscape. In many cases, the architecture of organizations can become quite complicated over time, so much so that understanding it requires special expertise. If the organization does not have its own dedicated architect, it is a good idea to require that expertise from a partner.
  • Data movement is not unimpeded. In the ideal case, data moves freely within the organization, so that all employees who deal with customers, for example, have access to the same customer information, from customer service representatives to salespeople. In reality, however, systems do not always communicate with each other, or silos may have developed due to a complex architecture. These barriers can be overcome with good architecture.

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Data architecture. Data architecture is part of a company’s overall architecture. It describes how data moves within the organization.

IT architecture. The IT architecture comprises all of an organization’s IT solutions. IT architecture is used to look at matters such as how different systems communicate with each other and how the development of individual systems or the acquisition of new systems affect the overall situation.

Solution architecture. Solution architecture focuses on finding the most efficient technical solutions for business needs. For example, a solution architecture can be used to find ways to streamline an organization’s business processes.

Service Blueprint. The development of services requires a clear understanding of what is being done and looking at things from a customer’s perspective. Service Blueprint is a means of describing the service in detail in the form of an easy-to-understand process diagram.

Enterprise architecture. Enterprise architecture – also called overall architecture, or business architecture – is an umbrella concept for looking at the enterprise as a whole, taking into account matters such as business plans, organizational structures, processes, and IT infrastructure.

Frequently asked questions

What do I need to know about architecture?

Everyone should at least recognize the importance of IT architecture and understand that IT solutions form a whole in which each part affects many others. In outlining this whole you can ask for help from architects, either inside or outside the company.

How can I get help to understand and develop the architecture?

If your organization does not have its own architectural expertise, you can enlist the services of a competent partner. For example at the beginning of each project we go through the customer’s architecture to ensure that the solutions make sense to the whole.

How does Salesforce fit into our organization’s architecture?

One of the biggest advantages of Salesforce is its versatility. Salesforce is a platform that can be easily integrated with other systems. Salesforce is also such a versatile platform that a customer’s architecture can often be significantly simplified by migrating many functions onto the Salesforce platform. Salesforce enables even a single-platform system, allowing all of the operations to be brought to the same platform.

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