Application development and Salesforce Platform

You have a glaring problem, but there aren’t any ready-made solutions. Not to worry, we can develop one.

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Application development and Salesforce Platform

You have a glaring problem, but there aren’t any ready-made solutions. Not to worry, we can develop one.

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Application development in the Salesforce ecosystem

Salesforce is the most wide-ranging technology platform on the market. New applications can be easily built on it, or existing applications can be further developed to meet specific needs.

When a ready-made solution simply does not exist, application development is the answer.

Typical uses of application development are building integrations, automating processes, or developing entirely new applications.

A good example of application development is application packages developed by software companies within the Salesforce ecosystem. These packages can be used to easily expand and deepen the use of Salesforce as desired.

Biit has developed such packages for different purposes. Our packages include solutions for Key Account Management and Sales Coaching. These packages are coded on top of Salesforce so that they can be easily installed in any Salesforce environment.

The most typical difficulties of application development

In application development, it is common to come across problems such as the following.

  • Developing new applications is expensive and slow. Developing new applications will take time in any case, but using Salesforce can make many things simpler. Applications can be built on top of Salesforce using low code and no code methods – they are developed either with less coding or simply by configuration. This speeds up development work, reduces costs and makes applications easier to maintain.
  • The benefits of new applications remain modest as their utilization rate remains low after the initial enthusiasm has passed. Often the problem with new applications is that they remain detached from everything else that is being done. As a rule of thumb, it is easier to get people to use new applications if they are built in an already familiar environment, such as Salesforce. Building them in this way also eliminates the need for separate integrations, as the new applications run as part of other Salesforce services.

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How can we help?

Salesforce Platform. The Salesforce Platform is a platform as a service (PaaS) system that enables new applications to be built on top of the Salesforce platform. Salesforce’s own applications, such as Sales Cloud and Marketing Cloud, are also built on top of this platform.

Heroku. Heroku is a cloud service platform owned by Salesforce that supports multiple programming languages. It can be used to quickly and cost-effectively create new applications where ready-made solutions either don’t exist or simply don’t cut it.

Frequently asked questions

Is application development expensive?

Developing new applications is always more expensive than configuring ready-made packages. Although new applications can be developed on top of Salesforce quickly and cost-effectively, it is wise to be selective about them. An application designed for some clear need may repay its cost quickly, but a clumsily chosen development target may end up being just a pointless expense.

Can we develop applications ourselves or do we need outside help?

Salesforce makes application development as easy as possible, but some know-how is still required to develop production-ready applications. Many larger companies have their own product development teams that are constantly developing new applications on top of Salesforce, but for most companies it will be cheaper to use occasional outside help. If your own organization has a skilled Salesforce admin, they probably have enough expertise to create simple low-code applications as well.

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