Minding your business.

We help make your goals a reality with Salesforce technologies and Data-Driven management.

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Minding your business.

We help make your goals a reality with Salesforce technologies and Data-Driven management.

Measurable results with Salesforce

We help you achieve your goals and develop your operations with Salesforce technologies. As Salesforce’s first official partner in Finland, we have been doing exactly this since 2007.

We have extensive technical expertise, a wide-ranging understanding of business needs and the ability to accommodate the wishes of end users. In short, we bring together technology and business, two areas that have traditionally been far too distant from each other.

With this combination, we achieve results that everyone is happy with.

Our team of more than 60 experts currently serves more than two hundred companies operating in Finland.

We are part of the Visma family

We are currently part of the Nordic Visma Group. We operate as an independent member of the Visma Consulting business unit, with the support of almost 500 technology consultants working in Finland.

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Biit’s values

  • Trust. Everything we do is based on trust. We trust each other as well as our customers and partners. We help others whenever they need it, and we also trust that we will get help when needed.
  • Appreciation. We value diversity and different views. At Biit, no one needs to hesitate in speaking their mind.

  • Ambition. We are professionals, and we are determined to ensure that our work reflects this. We are always looking for ways to do things better and develop, both as individuals and as a company.

  • Having fun. We take our work very seriously, but we know how to have fun too. We really believe that all problems can be solved with a positive mindset.

Why are we here?

Biit was born out of the idea of helping Finnish companies develop their business with technology. That is what we continue to do.

When discussing things with business leaders and sales executives, we come across the same challenge year in, year out. Management lacks a clear view of where their result comes from. In many cases, goals have been clearly defined and their achievement is also closely measured, but there is no clear view of what lies behind the results. We want to change this.

And because this is our aim, we are not a conventional system supplier that focuses only on setting up a system. We want to be a technology partner for our customers, giving them advice to achieve measurable results with the help of technology and data.